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1301 NW Grand Avenue
Phoenix, AZ, 85007
United States


Chartreuse is a contemporary art space on Historic Grand Avenue in Phoenix, AZ

We are open First and Third Fridays (6:00pm - 10:00pm)and the Saturdays after (noon - 5:00pm).

We are available anytime for private showings.

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July / August

Thuong Nguyen

  “With my double nationality, language, and career, I often question my place.  I am not comfortable in either world, and yet I belong in both Vietnam and America.  I respect and romanticize the traditions and mystique of the Far East. While embracing the twenty-first Century high tech and materialistic culture of the West, I question its valuation of humanity and nature.

In my recent body of work, I am trying to break down the barrier of label and clichés. The foundation of my work is based on using common objects, images, and icons from the West, as well as, items such as Gold and Silver funeral paper and old writing books from the Far East.  I then manipulate and rearrange the objects and images as a puzzle. Dialogue is represented by the usage of abstract brush strokes, forms, and lines. Once incorporated, the works expresses my questions and concerns about humanity and nature.  Additionally, found objects often provide the basic skeleton or blueprint for many of my works.  These mysterious objects are not only the witness, but are also evidence of man and nature’s struggle over time. 

Each work is a question I ask about existence, destiny, and humanity. Each question leads into another work. The road is endless for the true traveler.”